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Learn highly reviewed frameworks with over 150 ideas and concepts
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Ever noticed your clients looked confused after you’ve presented
their business case to them? The more you try to explain, they would often reply
“I will think about it!” Draining, isn’t it?

A transformative workshop that empowers financial professionals to
become purpose-driven in their financial practice and their own lives.

Join Mr Chua Kim Peng on a journey that promises to inspire and transform. Gain the necessary resources, perspectives, and expertise for thriving in your financial profession. This program will have a profound influence on your overall development, both personally and professionally.

Accelerate Learning, Powerful Insights 

Highly Reviewed By Over 1000 Learners

Over 150 Ideas and Concepts For Your Wealth Planning Case

Learn from over 20 years of practitioner experience

5 Key Learning Outcomes

Leadership and Competency Framework

Impactful Presentations and Influential Positioning

Increase Clients’ Stickiness

Purpose Driven Practice Management

Expand Personal and Business Capacity

Financial Independence
5 ‘P’s Framework

The financial independence framework aims to provide clarity between essential needs and luxury needs for clients in a lifetime. This overcomes a financial planning flaw that focuses solely on retirement planning,

3 Accounts 4 Envelope System

The 3 Account System™ and 4 Envelope System™ looks at the principles of budgeting system:


Principle (1): Pay Yourself First (PYF) using 3 Account System™

Income Account (Inflow)
Savings Account (Only inflow and no outflow)
Expenses Account (Outflow)

Principle (2): What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)

Divide your cash wallet expenses amount into 4 weeks in a month, spending only what you allocate, therefore applying the principle WYSIWYG. 

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Over 80 Modules Completed by Agency Team

Presentations are simple and on point with relatable concepts for clients. I have referred many of my associates to his classes and have made my training much easier.

Lin Yekai, DirectorGreat Eastern Financial Advisers

40 Modules Completed by Agency Team

I have used the scripts, presentations and resources provided by Finerty and have seen results from applying them. With positive outcomes, I decided to recommend KASHGROWTH to my colleagues.

Muhammad Firdaus, FCAIA Singapore

30 Modules Completed by Agency Team

Kim Peng manages to leap out of the academic realm into the practical domain of how to navigate today's marketplace. He is not a lecturer. He is a practitioner. The team at Finerty is filling a void in today's training space for financial services professionals.

Leslie Ng, DirectorPhillip Wealth Advisory

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