This is the new gold standard for all financial planners. The frameworks help to bring clarity for my clients to understand their needs better. KASHGROWTH®️ has made the financial concepts so simple that we will be able to use it immediately in our practice. Every serious financial practitioner should go through this workshop. Financial planners will be able to position themselves professionally and confidently during their meetings with their clients and prospects.

Andrew Tay, Prudential FA, Wealth Manager40 Years In The Industry

Courageously bold, sincerely encouraging, and authentically refreshing. Finerty values a measured and thoughtful approach to the work that we do by questioning long-held assumptions that we work from, to craft a solid and sound scaffold on which to build a fluid, yet coherent framework for any serious practitioner worth their weight in salt.

Lynden Pung, IPPFA, Financial Services Manager23 Years In The Industry

Very engaging and informative. Role play in small groups really helped to enforce and drilled the learning points in us. Though the materials are very heavy but at the end of the day, I felt very enriched and glad that time was so well spent, very edifying and empowered with practical knowledge.

Consistent Professional Positioning is to be known as one whom they can trust with their financial planning, like what Kim Peng said, to educate them on financial planning concepts during the in between period of their commitment of plans.

Hilary Foo, AIA, Financial Services Consultant22 Years In The Industry

These 10 days were really an enriching course and mind blowing. It never occurred to me in this profession that I am able to earn 1 million if not at least half a million. I have a lot of high net worth clients. Through this course I am very confident. Most importantly, what I see in you is professionalism. Clients came back to you because you gave them a feeling of not hard sell but care for them and see them through their journey. It is just amazing and awesome. I really thank God that I came to this course and I will come back for refreshers. I have to and I want to do it. I really thank you for this course. I enjoyed every minute. I woke up as early as 5am to revise for the 9am class.

Christine Lim, AIA, Financial Service Consultant27 Years In The Industry

Li Jiaqian

7 years in the industry
Understanding myself and the type of clients in a matrix format, I learnt to focus and instil financial literacy in my affinity market and being profitable at the same time.

The programme has also helped to maximise my potential and capacity, leading to the increase of my client’s acquisition.

4 methods to develop clients - engaging at least 6 times a year, educating clients to increase their financial literacy, equip them with basic financial planning skills and empower them to stick to sound financial planning principles.
All these affirmed my choice to be in this career and gave me more confidence to be able to stay relevant and create more value for others in the long term.”

Hear our learners transformative results

Tan Si Yin

3 years in the industry
“I feel like today is a turning point in my journey as a financial advisor. I did a mid-career switch at 35 to enter this industry and from time to time, I would worry and fear for my sustainability. I learnt two key things today. First, to understand what good financial planning is, which is to understand our clients' profile and nature and walk alongside them. Financial planning should improve their lives rather than one size fits all kind of plannings and presentations.

Secondly, I see that life can be a lot more about giving to others rather than just ourselves.

All these affirmed my choice to be in this career and gave me more confidence to be able to stay relevant and create more value for others in the long term.”

I have both the CFP and ChFC certifications prior to attending KASHGROWTH®️. Although the knowledge acquired from CFP and ChFC were excellent but it is tough to put them across to clients as it was quite academic. KASHGROWTH®️ successfully delivered the promise to bridge the gap. The lessons were simulated in a face-to-face environment with plenty of reinforcement given due to the role-plays that were littered throughout the lessons. The concepts were structured such that both the numeral figures were rounded to be catchy and the overlay were localized. The use of acronyms were well thought out and showed the competency of the chief trainer, Mr. Chua Kim Peng. Highly recommended for professionals who are looking to deliver theoretical financial planning in a practical manner!

Wong Kwek Yong, Promiseland, Wealth Management Director14 Years In The Industry

I picked up many things! For example, the exit strategy is very valuable. A lot of time we know how to accumulate but do not know how to exit. I gained a new perspective on the 3-6-9 diversification. I never looked at it that way as I was very fixated with one way of investing. This is a whole new world for me and of course, Kim Peng’s presentation is so good. He keeps highlighting, again and again to help your client with the 2nd dollar. Sometimes people are tempted to give up or commit to a short term plan but because of this 2nd dollar, you make them think again to achieve the 2nd dollar before accumulating their 3rd dollar. This is very powerful. I really like “John and Mary” and Rule of 72 too!

Veronica Ong, Finexis, Senior Financial Consultant20 Years In The Industry

I received so many golden nuggets. Kim Peng, you are very generous in terms of what you shared. It is like a “secret'' nobody knows and now you share to help others to improve their business so they won't be blocked for so many years. When we assist clients, the client will also benefit. Ultimately, why we want an agent is because we want somebody to help us. When the client benefits, they will bless us too!

Sifon Sim, Prudential, Financial Consultant16 Years In The Industry

“It is an excellent course! How come I didn’t attend this earlier?” I always try to simplify things, such as explaining to a client everything in one page. KASHGROWTH®️ frameworks have definitely answered my questions. This is the kind of framework I have been looking for. I can only imagine the work Kim Peng went through to come up with something simple. I appreciate the amount of work Kim Peng did. Actually, when he is teaching me this, I have a presentation with one client tomorrow. I know I am using the framework already. It is so straightforward and so simple and I know the client can visualise easier. When he explained about capacity, and particularly about effectiveness and efficiency, it is something very unique. Most people would think they sound the same but there is a very big difference.

Sunthararajan s/o Letchmanan, Prudential, Financial Consultant10 Years In The Industry

I think my practice will improve significantly after attending Module 1 to Module 5. I had ChFC for the past 5 years or so. I was not able to put my expertise to my practice but through KASHGROWTH™, I was able to implement simplified sophistication in my financial practice!

Heng Wei Lian, Great Eastern, Financial Consultant,10 Years In The Industry

I got an appointment today and I presented the concept of "Journey of Health" together with disability planning. She agrees with the idea and become more engaged during the process.

Kwan Yong, Singlife with Aviva, Financial Advisor4 Years In The Industry

I find that advanced care planning is really meaningful and our job as a financial advisor could extend so much more. I had the impression that legacy planning is complicated and client has to have certain wealth to do so, but now I have gained insights on how I can get started. I learnt that everyone needs legacy planning. I hope I can apply what I've learnt to bring more values to my clients' life.

Amber Chan, Synergy Financial Advisers, Financial Advisor1 Year In The Industry

When Kim Peng shared about the comfort zone and mindset, that totally struck me! I can totally identify what he is saying, after chionging for a while, you get tired and become less productive. That 5K limit you set for yourself, I think that set the tone. It kind of helped me change my mindset and reevaluate what I am thinking about. As a new advisor, if I can earn 5K a month, I will be very happy. When he said 1 million, I was so stunned because it feels impossible. It is good to set high standards and work towards it.

Grace Leung Min Hui, Finexis, Financial Consultant1 Year In The Industry