1. At the end of the Workshop, the Assessor will use the Assessment Checklist to assess if Workshop participants are competent/ not yet competent.

2. Results of the Assessment will be released to workshop participants within 7 working days.

3. Finerty Academy is committed to providing all assessed candidates with access to a fair and reasonable process for seeking re-assessment and/or appeals on the assessment results.

4. Workshop participants who wish to appeal for their assessment results must submit their written request to Business Development Manager (BDM), Finerty Academy Pte Ltd, within 7 days from the release of results. The BDM will review the appeal request to decide if it is a valid appeal.

5. If the request qualifies for an appeal, the BDM, Finerty Academy Pte Ltd, shall recover all supporting documents (e.g. Assessment Papers & Participant’s written answers, etc) and submit them to the Independent Panel for review and decision within 3 weeks from the date of appeal.

6. All decisions made by the Independent Panel are final.

7. Adjustments to the assessment results (if any), or final decision for the existing assessment results to be retained, will then be adjusted/conveyed to the participant by the BDM, Finerty Academy Pte Ltd, within one month from the date of appeal.