Market Profiling In Financial Planning

Effectively identify, analyze and target specific client segments in financial planning services

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Market Profiling In Financial Planning

9:00AM to 6:00PM

1.0 Day

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IBF-STS Funding
Skillsfuture Credits

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Participants will have clear understanding of what is market profiling and how it is utilized to identify and target the right customer segments for financial planning services. They will be able to apply these techniques to enhance their strategies and effectively reach their target audience. 

Learning Objectives

 By the end of this lesson, participants will be able to: 

  • Define market profiling and its relevance to financial planning industry
  • Recognise the importance of accurately identifying and targeting the right customer segments for financial planning services.
  • Understand the key factors and variables involved in segmenting and profiling a market
  • Identify demographic, psychographic, behavior, needs and preference that help segment potential clients effectively
  • Understand different financial products will apply to different scenario as per case study provided
  • Know to use primary data and secondary data to collect relevant data to analysis and categorize potential clients.
  • Get use in personalized survey to have clear understanding of financial goal of potential clients.
  • Gain a competitive edge in the financial planning industry through data-driven strategies

Lesson Plan

Programme Fees (Financial Advisors)

SG Citizens below 40 & PRs (nett fee after IBF-STS 50 % funding):
$500.00 (U.P. $1000)*

SG Citizens 40 & above (nett fee after IBF-STS 70% funding):
$300.00 (U.P. $1000)*

*Price above are nett fee. For corporate rates or non-financial advisors, please contact us.

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