This 2-day Strategic GROWTH™ Management workshop gives a framework for Sensing & Strategizing complex business environment for Business Strategic Growth to bring your Professional Practice to the next level.Click here to download the workshop brochure

Purpose and Benefits

Professionals will have an awareness, analysis and appreciation of the following:

  • The Global Environment we live in
  • The Regulatory framework we work in
  • The Industry we operate in
  • The Workplace culture we are in
  • The Teamwork required
  • Overall Personal well-being
  • Professional will develop awareness, analyse into these areas and design an action plan

No man’s an island. We operate in different environment & thus need to be aware of our operational environment, acquire the sensitivity and business acumen to impending industry changes that may impact us and develop strategic action plans to ride that next wave.

In this workshop, we will explore into the GROWTH™ Management, raise awareness, analyse and develop an action plan with alternatives given the overall environment we operate in.

This module is part of the 7-Module Certified KASHGrowth Professional (CKP™) series. Completion of the CKP™ Series will strengthen your Identity as a Professional, positively Impact your clients’ finances & enhance the knowledge you will be Imparting to them. This will subsequently increase your Influence over their lives and Inspire them to achieve even more. Participants can expect to enhance their Professionalism, enlarge their Productivity and expand their Profitability.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Leadership and Competence Framework – YOUR KASHGROWTH®
  • Understand the Global Environment
  • Understand the Regulatory Environment
  • Understand the Industry Analysis
  • Understand the Workplace Culture
  • Understand Team Building
  • Understand the Importance of holistic Personal Well-Being

Participants will be guided to submit a Strategic Action Plan.

  • Briefly describe the Journey to RETIRE™ framework,
  • Briefly describe the Journey of HEALTH™ framework,
  • Briefly describe the Journey for LEGACY™ framework,
  • Understand CLIENT™ Management to effectively perform Client Attraction & Client Retention
  • Recognise the PRACTICE™ Management framework to better organise your professional practice
  • Recognise the PURPOSE™ Management Framework to better identify the various factors that can poise your business for strategic growth.

Target Audience

  • Wealth Managers, Financial Professionals
  • Estate Planners, Will-Writers
  • Bankers, Relationship Managers

Financial Intermediaries aspiring to enter the estate planning market will be more equipped and more confident. Senior Financial advisers will now have a comprehensive framework that consolidates all of their previous learning into an easy-to-remember and easy-to-present “Journey Style” presentation. Managers and mentors can deepen their learning and adopt a more holistic approach to coaching their advisers.

Instructional Methods

The program will be conducted through case studies, role plays, short lecturing, group discussions and sharing, personal reflections and peer learning. This program is designed using adult learning concepts. Gayne’s and/or KOLB’s design theories are applied together with sound design principles and effective retention strategies in an active learning environment using different instructional methods so that different types of learners (Visual/Audio/Tactile/Kinaesthetic learners) can achieve the learning outcomes and subsequently transfer and apply their learnings in their workplace.

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