This 2-day CLIENT™ and PRACTICE™ Management workshop gives a holistic overview of a CLIENT™ & PRACTICE™ Management Frameworks to model your Professional Practice for your business. Click here to download the workshop brochure

Purpose and Benefits

Professionals will total re-look into their own professional positioning, professional practice, and professional profitability. Participants will gain insights into the following by using Field-Tested methods and Proven Strategies:

  • Client Acquisition and Client Selection Process
  • Choosing the right Target Market
  • Client Attraction – making us attractive as an adviser
  • Initiating the Acquisition
  • Increasing Client “Stickiness”
  • Widening Your Reach in the market
  • Positioning for success
  • First engagement
  • SMILE-SMILE Telephone Technique
  • HANDSHAKE Social Conversation
  • The Financial I.P.A.D. Presentations
  • PICO Approach to Fact-Finding
  • The REPORT Approach to Presenting your Financial Report
  • The SYSTEM Approach to Implementing the Financial Plan
  • The REVIEW Approach to On-Going Financial Reviews

Shift your paradigm on this Financial Profession. Achieve quantum growth by doing the same things differently. Turn the keys to a fulfilling and satisfying profession. Relook into the Business Development, Marketing and Prospecting aspects of your business and revamp your usual 6-step process to wealth planning and greatly increase clients’ satisfaction and achieve a tremendous leap in your professional growth. In this workshop, we will delve deeply into the 7-Step Wealth Planning Process (CLIENT™ and PRACTICE™ Management), integrating the Planning Frameworks covered in previous modules into the PRACTICE™ Process and how all these can lead to greater productivity and purpose in your business (PURPOSE™ Management). There will be an introduction into the effective strategic management of your business environment to poise your business for strategic growth (GROWTH™ Management).

This module is part of the 7-Module Certified KASHGROWTH Professional (CKP) series. Completion of the CKP™ Series will strengthen your Identity as a Professional, positively Impact your clients’ finances & enhance the knowledge you will be Imparting to them. This will subsequently increase your Influence over their lives and Inspire them to achieve even more. Participants can expect to enhance their Professionalism, enlarge their Productivity and expand their Profitability.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the Leadership and Competence Framework – YOUR KASHGROWTH™
  • Understand and Apply the CLIENT™ Management Framework
  • Understand and Apply the PRACTICE™ Management Framework
  • Understand and Apply Client Selection, Client Acquisition, Client Development & Client Retention
  • Understand and Apply Clientele Development
  • Understand and Apply the SMILE-SMILE Approach to Telephone Technique
  • Understand and Apply the HANDSHAKE Approach to Social Conversation
  • Understand and Apply the Financial I.P.A.D. Presentations
  • Understand and Apply the PICO Approach to Fact-Finding
  • Understand and Apply the REPORT™ Approach to Presenting your Financial Report
  • Understand and Apply the SYSTEM™ Approach to Implementing the Financial Plan
  • Understand and Apply the REVIEW™ Approach to On-Going Financial Reviews

in a business meeting environment with your clients as part of the wealth planning process in advising clients. Participants will also be able to

  • Briefly describe the Journey to RETIRE™ framework,
  • Briefly describe the Journey of HEALTH™ framework,
  • Briefly describe the Journey for LEGACY™ framework,
  • Recognise the PURPOSE™ Management Framework to increase your productivity and better align your business purposes to your life purposes.
  • Recognise the GROWTH™ Management Framework to better identify the various factors that can poise your business for strategic growth.

Target Audience

  • Wealth Managers, Financial Professionals
  • Estate Planners, Will-Writers
  • Bankers, Relationship Managers

Financial Intermediaries aspiring to enter the estate planning market will be more equipped and more confident. Senior Financial advisers will now have a comprehensive framework that consolidates all of their previous learning into an easy-to-remember and easy-to-present “Journey Style” presentation. Managers and mentors can deepen their learning and adopt a more holistic approach to coaching their advisers.

Instructional Methods

The program will be conducted through case studies, role plays, short lecturing, group discussions and sharing, personal reflections and peer learning. This program is designed using adult learning concepts. Gayne’s and/or KOLB’s design theories are applied together with sound design principles and effective retention strategies in an active learning environment using different instructional methods so that different types of learners (Visual/Audio/Tactile/Kinaesthetic learners) can achieve the learning outcomes and subsequently transfer and apply their learnings in their workplace.

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