The Human Intelligence System is a 4 module training to use an ancient profiling system to sell and persuade to any type of client.




Session 1
The Four Types of Prospects

Session 2
The Art of Speed-Reading People

Session 3
Social Media Profiling

Session 4
The Art of Selling to the Four Types

  • Unearth the hidden psychology that drives clients
  • Learn about four types of prospects
  • Discover the art of profiling as a key skill

  • Profile anybody in 5 minutes or less with 3 simple questions.
  • Distinguish your client’s type so you know exactly the communication style you should use to get your point across to them.
  • Develop ‘mind-reading’ abilities and predict what your clients are thinking, before they even say it!

  • Discover the four persuasion styles that connect you with all types of clients.
  • Get step-by-step actions you should take to engage each of the four types so that the deal is almost always done.
  • Turn any average presentation into an amazing one that connects and engages any audience.

  • Get acquainted with the key sales angles and learn to leverage them in your presentations.
  • Craft and hone your sales pitch to perfection.
  • Use key phrases that trigger the subconscious of the buyer and makes them want to buy from you.