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Learn the basic Digital Assets knowledge and key jargons to effectively engage their customers and/or prospects in conversation.

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Digital Assets 101s For Financial Practitioners

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Digital Assets and Blockchain have gained significant momentum since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008. Blockchain, one of the underlying technology that’s powering Bitcoin, has enabled innovation such as Decentralised Finance (Defi), Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), Game Finance (GameFi), Security Tokensionation and future Web3 infrastructure.

The acceptance of Bitcoin as a form of payment by Tesla in March 2021 and public news on Meme coin millionaires has accelerated public awareness and interest in investing into Digital Assets. With such increased interest in Digital Assets, Financial Practitioners are likely to observe increasing queries from their clients and prospects around Digital Assets investment.

Digital Assets related crime has also reached an all-time high with Digital Assets scammers scooting away with more than 10 billion in 2021. Financial Practitioners can and should play the important role of helping the public recognise and avoid such risks. The programme will equip Financial Practitioners with Digital Assets knowledge, so that they can have meaningful conversation around Digital Assets, to caution their clients and prospects on investing risk and to bring awareness on Digital Assets in estate distribution.

Purpose and Benefits

The programme is designed for the financial practitioners to achieve the four (4) main learning objectives:

  • Provide Financial Practitioners with a Basic Understanding of Digital Assets and key terminology/jargons
  • Gain awareness and knowledge of real world blockchain applications and key trends
  • Understand the Pitfalls and Risks Associated with Digital Assets.
  • Appreciate the Challenges of Digital Assets Planning and Inheritance

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Overview of Digital Assets History
  • Acquire Basics Digital Assets Knowledge and Key Jargons
  • Appreciation of Current Day Blockchain Applications – NFTs, GameFi, Real World Asset Tokenisation, Web3 Infrastructure and Defi
  • Overview of Current Regulations and Guidelines
  • Assisting Clients in Recognising Risk and Pit Falls
  • Assisting Clients in Digital Assets Planning – Tax, Crypto Insurance, Mental Incapacity and Inheritance

Lesson Plan

Instructional Methods

Digital Assets 101s for Financial Practitioners will equip Financial Practitioners with the basic Digital Assets knowledge and key jargons to effectively engage their customers and/or prospects in Digital Assets conversation.

Digital Assets 101s for Financial Practitioners is NOT meant to make Financial Practitioners a Digital Assets investment specialist or advisor but more to understand why customers and/or prospects acquire these Digital Assets.

More importantly, it is designed to help Financial Practitioners understand the major pitfalls and risk of Digital Assets to enhance their ability to assist their customers and/or prospects.

Programme Fees (Financial Advisors)

SG Citizens below 40 & PRs (nett fee after IBF-STS 50 % funding):
$500 (U.P. $1000)*

SG Citizens 40 & above (nett fee after IBF-STS 70% funding):
$300 (U.P. $1000)*

*Price above are nett fee. For corporate rates or non-financial advisors, please contact us.

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