Finerty Academy created KASHGROWTH®️ Programmes which will help to close the gaps between the theory and practical aspect.

A FPAS Approved Training Organization (ATO), Finerty Academy’s Trainers have been lecturing CFP® Courses and practising in the industry for many years. These years of experience allow the trainers to share their secret of how to simplify the complex Financial Planning architectures, into proven and tested concepts clients can understand and remember.

Our Programmes

KASHGROWTH®️ Programmes

Close to 20 years of research and time-tested frameworks, our KASHGROWTH®️ Programme is an Institute of Banking and Finance, IBF accredited course that is a competency-based finance professional framework, encapsulating all aspects of Wealth Management.

Designed using various adult-learning concepts, the KASHGROWTH®️ Programme sets out to break down complex frameworks into simple layman sales concepts for participants to better understand and remember.

This program offers participants the opportunity to experience journey-style illustration and partake in multiple facilitation workshops. Ultimately, participants can take back more than 100 easy-to-remember planning and sales concepts to integrate into their businesses.

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The Gold Standard in the Industry

CFP® Certification

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ credential is the most desired and respected global certification for those seeking to demonstrate their commitment to competent and ethical financial planning practice. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals meet initial and ongoing education, experience and professional development requirements, pass a rigorous exam that assesses competency, and adhere to a code of ethics, pledging to provide financial planning in the interests of clients and with the highest ethical and professional standards.

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Our Programmes

Human Intelligence System

People make purchases based on their psychology and decision-making process. These decisions are made at the subconscious level and only justified at the conscious level. Now, what if we could learn what makes anybody tick? What if we become aware of the subconscious triggers of our prospects and clients? That is the objective of the Human Intelligence System.

Over 2000 years ago, scholars and philosophers uncovered the secrets of human nature and applied this knowledge in various fields of study like philosophy and medicine. The Human Intelligence System takes this ancient knowledge and crafts it into a modern, compelling sales system. It will empower you to tap on your client’s subconscious and influence them powerfully without them even knowing it.

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Our Programmes

Digital Assets 101s

Digital Assets 101s for Financial Practitioners will equip learners with the basic Digital Assets knowledge and key jargons to effectively engage their customers and/or prospects in conversation.

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Our Programmes

Engaging High Net Worth Individuals

The Affluent and HNW market is a mystic to most Financial Practitioners (FPs) especially for the new and younger entrants to the financial industry. It can be a daunting experience for FPs to embark on these markets, having a general perception that they are difficult to penetrate and acquire. This gives rise to apprehension, causing a natural avoidance in targeting and approaching them throughout their career. Such self-imposing obstacles instinctively prevent FPs from attempting to take the first step and severely hamper their growth and hinder their success. Even when the opportunities present themselves, FPs lack the capabilities and confidence to engage these market segments. This programme is put together to help FPs with their new journey into the Affluent and HNW markets.

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Our Programmes

Assets Allocation For Financial Advisers

This 2-day aim to provide hands on experiences on the fundamental and technical analysis of the stocks, funds, ETFS, REITS and Options in the Global Market. Lookout for trading opportunities, risk management, traders’ psychology, maximize profit and minimize losses.

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Our Programmes

Market Profiling In Financial Planning

Learn market profiling and how to identify and target the right customer segments for financial planning services. Be able to apply these techniques to enhance your strategies and effectively reach your target audience.

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Real Estate Investment and REITs

The two-day Real Estate Investment & REITs Course aims to deepen your comprehension of the Asia real estate capital markets. It offers insights into significant real estate investment trends and risks anticipated in 2024. The course delves into various aspects including public and private debt and equity structures, valuation methodologies for Asia developers and REITs, as well as innovative financial engineering techniques employed by Asia REITs. Attending this course would enrich the investment acumen and financing proficiency of your investment and finance team.

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Our Programmes

Sustainability for Management and Directors

Gain an introductory understanding of Board Sustainability Governance for Senior Management and Board Directors, supported by clear evidence that the financial performance of companies corresponds to how well they handle environmental, social, governance (ESG) and other non-financial matters.

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Our Programmes

Effective and Seamless Insurance Claims Advisory

Learn to handle claims effectively, fostering positive experiences that turn distressed clients into loyal advocates. These "delightful advocates" become the key to unlocking endless referrals and repeat business, transforming claims from a challenge into a springboard for long-term success.

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