Who We Are

Finerty Academy is a training & consulting company specializing in transformational leadership training & Wealth empowerment for financial leaders and consumers.

Our Vision

To be a leading Academy globally recognized for educating, equipping and empowering learners to attain Financial Liberty.

Our Mission

Finerty Academy adopts learner-centric, competency-based, adult-learning facilitation methodologies that imparts financial practitioners the skillsets to present impactful presentations, receive practical, field-tested business models, practices and processes to increase their business revenue. They also acquire the capability to expand their influence, inspire their clients & colleagues. For the non-finance trained programme participants, Finerty Academy simplifies & makes layman complex financial principles & knowledge, so that they fully appreciate & obtain financial literacy and liberty.

At Finerty Academy, we aim to deliver 5 key values (The 5 ‘I’s Framework) that we believe will radically change the way you do your business.

Helping you achieve greater success and realising more satisfaction in your life.


to anchor the *Identity* of the financial professional. Through the KashGrowth programme, the financial professional will discover his calling, is convinced in his mind and convicted in his heart to fulfil his potential and destiny in this profession.


to *Impact* the clients with quick, powerful, simple yet effective Business Models, Professional Practices, Presentations & Processes and lead their clients to financial success.


to *Impart* Professional Knowledge, Skills and right Attitudes. Financial Professionals can in turn apply the learnt concepts to impart financial literacy to their clients.


to increase the *Influence* of the financial professionals with their clients, families, workplace, within their advisory groups/agencies, in their companies and even in the industry.


to *Inspire* the financial professionals to achieve their fullest potential. To also inspire the clients to take action on their financial situation to achieve financial success.